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William "Wild Will" Acord

     Rock solid and in the pocket, Will has made a name for himself by laying down the strong bottom line driving rhythm sections to new heights. He's a native Texan who has worked with many blues greats such as Sam Myers, Smoking Joe Kubek & Bnois King, Randy McAlister, Texas Slim, and Mike Morgan. He Has been a regular member of the Trinity River Blues Band, Dig Down Deep and AJ&BlueRoux. Occasionally sitting in with Cuzn Don and the Rhythm Method and the Silvertones, he’s a “go to” guy for many bands. He has spent some time in the Dallas blues scene and has appeared on stage with many stalwarts such as Hash Brown and Pops Carter.

     With a background of school bands and church choirs, and influences like Donald “Duck” Dunn, Dusty Hill, Jack Bruce, Willie Weeks, Willie Dixon, and James Jamerson, he remains fascinated by and involved in many facets of music and production and has many songwriting/recording projects in progress. To date, he has recorded over hundreds of songs for independent songwriters, in a variety of genre, engineering and playing accompaniment tracks on several.

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